Best Dog Food Products You Need to Try

Today, we are talking about some of the best food products out there for your dog.

Not all dogs are created equal. The same goes for food. Food products range greatly from  manufacturer to manufacture. With so many products out there, it is hard to make a decision what is best for your dog. We hear stories about companies cutting corners and producing low quality foods that has caused dogs to get sick. Many companies have gotten recalls on there products. Pet food is not as regulated as human food. You have to understand your dogs diet and nutritional requirements so you can keep them healthy and happy. We always recommend you speak to your vet before making any changes or have any questions.

We have narrowed it down to a small group of products that top rated, thanks to multiple research on websites and reviews. Your experience can differ based on age, size, energy and special dietary needs.

Orijen® Original Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Orijen is named one of the top picks for dog food by Their dry dog food recipe is a premium, grain free formula containing 85% poultry, fish and eggs, 15% fruits and vegetables, and no grains, no potatoes, and no plant proteins. As dogs have a limited digestive system, grain-free carbs like fresh fruits and vegetables will not harm your dogs diet. Orijen has not had any recalls according to Dog Food Advisor and its product is highly rated by others.

Taste of the Wild® Dry Dog Food

You should avoid any recipes that include grain in the dog food because grains can trigger food allergies or sensitivities in some dogs. That is where Taste of the Wild comes in. Grain-free dog food should be made with digestible carbohydrates like legumes, fruits, and vegetables. The recipes are formulated around real and novel roasted meats like venison, bison, and lamb. Taste of the Wild dog food have multiple benefits, including prebiotics and species-specific probiotics, and chelated minerals, which all helps absorption and healthy digestion. High quality, top rated, this is the dog food to go with. Ranked #1 on Amazon as I write this article.

Blue Buffalo® Dog Food

Blue Buffalo offers wet and dry food of all sorts. Ranked #2 on Amazon. There dry food contains exclusive LifeSource Bits – a precise blend of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. BLUE does not guarantee grain-free products on all lines but they are made with only the finest natural ingredients and features: Delicious, protein-rich, Deboned Chicken. Wholesome whole grains, garden veggies and fruit. They have lines such as Life, Freedom, Wilderness, Basics and more.

If you are looking for a high-quality wet dog food, we recommend Blue Buffalo. It is rated as a 5-star wet food on Dog Food Advisor.

Other Top Rated Dog Food

For additional top rated dog food products, head over to and they have a list of all the top brands. Ratings will change all the time.

I will list them out here for your convenience.

10 Favorite Dry Dog Food Brands & Lines

  1. Fromm Classic

  2. Fromm Gold

  3. Holistic Health Extension

  4. Horizon Amicus

  5. Horizon Legacy

  6. Nutri Life

  7. Orijen Tundra

  8. Signature Pet Products: Leonard Powell Signature Series

  9. Tender & True

  10. Ziwi Peak

26 Favorite Wet Dog Food Brands & Lines

  1. AvoDerm Revolving Menu

  2. Berkeley & Jensen

  3. Canidae All Life Stages

  4. Canidae Grain-Free Pure

  5. Chicken Soup for the Soul

  6. Eagle Pack

  7. Evanger's Heritage Classics

  8. Evanger's Organics

  9. Evolve

  10. Holistic Select

  11. Hound & Gatos

  12. Kasiks

  13. Koha Limited Ingredient

  14. Natural Planet

  15. Nature's Logic

  16. NutriSource

  17. Nutro Limited Ingredient Grain-Free

  18. Party Animal

  19. RedBarn Pate

  20. Tender & True

  21. Wellness Core 95%

  22. Wellness Core Grain-Free

  23. Wellness Simple

  24. Wild Calling

  25. Zignature

  26. Ziwi Peak

Here is a link to all the top rated food products on Amazon.

Published by David Wu

Photo Credits: Amazon

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