My 3rd Time at CorgiCon and It Doesn't Get Old

I head out from my house in San Francisco's Outer Sunset neighborhood and board the MUNI N-Line. About a couple of hours before noon, the air is crisp and the typical Sunset weather always calls for a windbreaker. We come to a stop at 46th & Judah as the conductor announces it's the last stop. There's still a ways to go.

If you head straight to the Great Highway, you'll be greeted by a trail that sits on top of a dune. I make my way, about a mile north in the direction of the Cliff House. Typically, I like to make a joke that out in the Sunset, it's often clouded with overcast and fog, I find it hard to believe that anyone can see the sun setting. However, on CorgiCon day, the sun usually breaks through the clouds and beams down upon Ocean Beach, and the residents know not to squander the day staying indoors.

I digress. For those who haven't caught the article from People about CorgiCon, consider a massive meetup of Corgi owners, enthusiasts, non-Corgi dogs, novice corgi onlookers, and bystanders who are drawn by the crowds to see what the buzz is all about. The event is broken down into four main events: group photo, obstacle course, costume contest, and a race finale. For first timers, this is just what heaven looks like -- hundreds of corgis running around in doggy bliss.

It's important to note, that Ocean Beach is part of the National Park Service, so drone use is strictly prohibited. Other than that, this is a place to picnic, bring your dog, have your kids run around, sunbathe, and to romp around with a bunch of Corgis. Proper dog etiquette dictates that you should:

  • Ask the dog owner if their dog is friendly to approach.

  • If approachable, place your hand out in a loose fist, so that the dog has an opportunity to smell you and is also good for your to react if the dog does not want to be handled.

  • When accepted, head petting and chin scratches should be applied liberally.

  • Bonus: If they are really comfortable with you and roll to their side or place their body on you, well then you've gained temporary entrance into the doggy brotherhood that gives access to tummy scratches and ear massages.

For the non-Corgi owners, there's a chance for you to revisit CorgiCon with the numerous amounts of merchandise around, ranging from Corgi-butt backpacks, Corgi and Corgi-butt pillows, and doggy sunglasses from our friends at KayKos. There's also a chance for you to adopt Corgis from Queen's Best Stumpy Dog Rescue! The fine people who volunteer their time at this no-kill non-profit help rescue and rehabilitate Corgis with medical services and behavior modification. Just know that rescue dogs are a responsibility and will take patience to manage; however, if you talk with any rescue dog owner, the payout is huge and in the end all rescue dogs deserve love too.

And then I look at my watch. It's 2:00 pm and another CorgiCon event is in the books. The sun starts to withdraw back into the clouds, it's much colder and windier. Thats my cue to leave. Missed out on this seemingly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity? Fret not! CorgiCon runs semi-annually, so expect to see the 2018 Fall Edition of CorgiCon in October. Until then, hold onto your breaths for those little fluffy butts. 🍑


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