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Halloween is a fun time to dress kids and pets up in fun, cute and scary costumes. Pets often accompany their owners to Halloween parties and “trick or treat” in the neighborhood. While everyone is enjoying the ghosts and superhero costumes and mingling, pets are also mingling among the candy, decorations, lights, toys treats and other furry friends. It’s important to remember that any one of these can pose a threat to pets.

Chocolate can cause vomiting and diarrhea and depending on the size of the pet, the type of chocolate and what’s in it, can even be life threatening. In general, the smaller the pet, the darker the chocolate, and with nuts, the more harmful the situation. Sugar, candies and cookies, while less harmful, can cause excitement, high energy, and digestive upsets such as diarrhea. Snacks, chips, popcorn and cake can also cause upset tummies.

Halloween decorations and electric lights can be tempting to some pooches and cats. Keep these away from puppies and kittens that find them intriguing and pets that have a propensity to chew on inanimate objects and have a history of swallowing toys and non-food items.

Alcohol, in general is harmful to pets. It can affect their liver, gut and mental function. Pets love to stick their noses in everything this time of year and sometimes find their muzzle in the punch bowl.

Black cats sadly, are often the butt of jokes and pranks during Halloween. Sometimes these jokes are innocent and funny but can also be malicious. We recommend keeping your noir felines indoors, or supervised if in the yard during this time.

Keep all food and drinks up high or covered so pets cannot reach them. The only treats they should get would be raw veggies, ice cubes, small pieces of doggie biscuits and prepared meats from a pet store.

So this Halloween , avoid a trip to the Vet office with these helpful tips and be safe, take lots of pictures and videos of your furry friends , post them, share them, cuddle them and enjoy the Spooky Season.


  • No Chocolate

  • No Human Candy

  • No Alcohol

  • Only approved pet treats in very small quantities

  • Pets on- leash when in the streets

  • Always supervised

  • Kids, always ask Pet owners if you can approach, touch and offer pets approved treats

  • Know where the nearest Animal Emergency hospital is, to ward off evil spirits

  • Pets - STAY CUTE in your costumes

Published by Dr. Varsha Ramoutar, Veterinarian and Pet Advocate


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