What Does It Take For Your Dog To Be An Instagram Celebrity?

It's a nice Saturday afternoon and you're on a walk with your pup getting some coffee. You set your coffee down next to your dog and hope that they've got their camera face on, as you reach for your phone and get your pup and cup of joe in frame. Your pup's got about 250 followers and you post on Instagram somewhat on a weekly basis (if not more). You're probably thinking to yourself, "I think I can turn my dog into an internet celebrity dog." Now the market is really saturated with people who are aspiring to do the same thing, so here are a few things to keep in mind in order to turn fido into the next Instagram celebrity!

Ain't Nobody Got Time Fo' Dat!

You might have heard names like: Boo, Doug the Pug, or Grumpy Cat. But what you might not know is that keeping up with appearances is essentially a day job. In a 2015 article from Huffington Post, Doug the Pug owner, Leslie Mosier, talks about how she quit her job to manager her dog. Mosier goes onto describe her previous job as a the social media manager for a record label/artist management company. Soon, the demands of keeping up with appearances and social awareness became quite cumbersome and Mosier made the leap of faith to quit her job to manage her dog's social media accounts 24/7.

Before you think that up-keeping a social media account for your dog is easy work, just remember that paparazzi are essentially making a living doing the same thing with celebrities. You need to seriously spend months establishing your pet's brand awareness, building up the SEO and potentially, utilizing PPC. In addition to all this, your attendance at pet-related events are crucial for establishing a fanbase. After personally attending two CorgiCon events, I've taken notice to a few familiar faces, such as Great Gatsby the Corgi and Armin Van Corgi.

Digital Pawprints

Most brand strategies requires at least a few months of continually releasing photos, videos, or posts across as many digital platforms out there. In my opinion, the best platform for discovery and branding is Instagram. That doesn't mean you should be focusing all your energy on one platform, but with the social media culture of hashtags, it's a lot easier to gain social exposure through Instagram than it is on Facebook or Twitter.

Going back to Doug the Pug, that Instagram account puts out at least two posts per day. They would definitely benefit from posting Instagram stories, but I'm sure Doug's owners has a lot going on for them. One site I love using a lot for my marketing purposes is HubSpot's April 2018 article on the best time to post on social media sites. As I mentioned before, Instagram allows users to discover topics via hashtags, so make sure that you're maximizing on the 30 hashtag limit per post by using hashtags that are trending, popular, and relevant to the material.

Cashing Out On Your Canine

Okay, so now you're ready to turn your pet into a celebrity the main question is, "How the hell am I going to make money?" Let's look at the pet celebrities we mentioned earlier: Boo, Doug the Pug, and Grumpy Cat. Each one of these pets have taken the route of merchandising and book selling. However, before you throw down some serious change on production fees, make sure that you have a significant fanbase on Instagram and/or Facebook to ensure a quick return on your investment. If you're lucky enough,


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