Your Dog Will Thank You With These Products

This week, we are featuring 4 dog products. If they could speak, they would thank you! We have the Dog Wee-wee Pad, the Fresh Patch Disposable Dog Potty, the Puppia Soft Harness, and the Douxo Pads.

1. Dog Wee-wee Pad

If you live on a busy schedule where you cannot take your dog out to pee multiple times a day, we recommend using dog wee-wee pads. If it's middle of the night, raining, snowing or cold outside, these pads make the perfect situation for your dog that needs to go. If you are working long hours, or out with friends late at night, just lay some pads around the house. You will come home to a easy to clean and hassle free clean up job. There will be no more wondering or angry moments with where your dog went to make a mess.

There are multiple brands and sizes out in the market, and your miles may vary depending on dog size and weight. We have seen pads range from 22" X 22" up to 28" X 34". These pads all have a plastic lining to prevent leakage of any liquids onto your floor and they all have a super-absorbent center that will dry out or turn into gel. Your pet likes a clean environment just like you do. Do not get angry at your dog because you did not prepare.

2. Fresh Patch Disposable Dog Potty

An alternative to the wee-wee pad and backed by Shark Tank. If your dog is used to peeing on the grass, and you just moved locations or do not have a backyard, this is a great solution. It will take a little training for them to use this box, but once they do, you will feel very gratified. Unlike pee pads, this product will continue to provide a grass scent after certain amount of usage. We see owners using Fresh Patch from 1 to 4 weeks. The most common being 2 weeks.

On a cost basis, wee-wee pads do come at a lower cost than Fresh Patch. I have used 100 wee-wee pads in a month, coming to around $20. Comparing that to two Fresh Patches per month, that would cost around $60. However, Fresh Patch does provide its value over pee pads.

Fresh Patch special hydroponically-grown grass is light-weight, long-lasting, and dirt-free. The complex root structure absorbs urine and odors. This dog-friendly, people-friendly, Eco-friendly potty can be used anywhere, any time. Give your dog the freedom of relief when needed. The box runs 16" x 24" in size and very easy to discard. You can purchase on Amazon which has additional shipping charges, or through Fresh Patch official website. They come out to be a similar price. With a subscription, they will deliver the box to you!

3. Puppia Soft Harness

Imagine walking your dog at the park and your dog spots another dog in the distance. The first thing he/she does will be rush towards the other dog. The owners instinct is to stop the dog and with a normal collar, the dog will be tugging at the neck. With the dog collar moving and twisting around, this can cause irritation, discomfort and damage to their skin and neck. I have heard dogs cry in pain too many times being yanked with a leash and it is heartbreaking.

Puppia Soft Harness is the solution to providing comfort and safety for your pet. You will not risk harming your dog when you tug at the leash. With the product wrapping around the base of the neck up to the chest, it allows the owner to have more control of the dog. The product comes in many sizes, so make sure to look at the sizing chart and images Amazon provides.

4. Douxo Pads

Recommended by veterinarians, safe for all dogs, this is a life saver for pets with skin allergies. Use these pads whenever you notice redness or irritations caused by scratching or excessive licking. Prevent your dog from getting any bacterial infections by wiping their paws after a walk outside. Clean behind their ears when you see them sitting there constantly scratching. Give your dog the itch free and cleanliness they deserve. Have that peace of mind that allows you and your beloved pet to live happily and joyful together. The product can be found on Amazon.

A Spetcial tip: If you have a smaller sized dog, a full pad might be too large. Cut them into smaller sizes so you get double or triple the quantity.

Spetcial always recommends having your pet checked by a veterinarian if you suspect they have a skin condition.

Published by David Wu

Photo Credits: Amazon

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